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Quick Details

  • Type: Sea Cucumber
  • Style: Dried
  • Feature: Low-Sodium, Low-Sugar
  • Certification: BCS
  • Packaging: Sachet
  • Grade: Seafood
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Place of Origin: Iceland
  • Brand Name: Nature Herbal Tea
  • Model Number: Sea Cucumber

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Delivery Time 15 - 20 days
Product Description




Icelandic red ginseng Iceland, located in the Arctic Circle near the North Atlantic island country, where sparsely populated, away from industrial pollution. There are pure air, clean water, warm ocean currents, a variety of marine life in the breeding growth here. Here the fine natural environment and very strict government environmental policies, the growth of a number of nutrient-rich, not subject to pollution of a variety of marine life. "Hongjian Participation" is in this excellent water in the growth of a high-grade sea cucumber. As a result of the small red ginseng production, long growth period, the Icelandic government before the limited fishing, and fishing a small amount of red ginseng is only available in Hong Kong and Singapore's upscale restaurant, or for refining the active ingredient production of luxury-class beauty products, health products and Weight-loss foods and some drugs, very little into the country.


1. Growth environment & cycle

(4 ℃) underwater 30 feet & more than 10 years of pure sea natural wild Icelandic red ginseng, grown from the North Atlantic Ocean underwater about 30 feet in the sea, the geographical position near the Arctic Circle, sea water temperature maintained at 4 ℃ below the winter surface Icing, year after year inaccessible. Over the years, Icelanders have been implementing the protection of the marine environment and ecological balance, combined with glacier-covered mountains around the land without any industrial and human activities pollution. The growth of sea cucumber in this environment does not contain any pollutants, and because of long growth time, the body nutrients and active substances are much better than the Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea growth of the sea cucumber. Icelandic red ginseng fresh and plump, delicious, the appearance of color Ganrun, visceral fat rich and smooth and was a unique golden yellow, quality first, Needless to say. Long growth period determines the quality of Icelandic red ginseng According to the government's environmental laws to take limited fishing, and can only catch more than 10 years of age of the red ginseng, is worthy of the name of the old sea cucumber. But also determine its nutritional health value.


2. Nutritional value

Red Ginseng grows near the Arctic Circle in the deep waters of the Republic of Iceland, aged more than 10 years. Hongjian reference wall is rich in sea cucumber saponins, fleshy golden yellow, large flesh. Red ginseng fresh cooked, low-temperature quick-frozen, no water, without any additives. Nutrition is the domestic stichopus 3.5 times. Icelandic sea cucumber body wall total amino acids, efficacy of amino acids and the total amount of fresh amino acids are the highest. Icelandic red ginseng fat content is small, but the human body must be a fatty acid arachidonic acid and EPA, accounting for more than 50% of the total, sea cucumber in the main contains A, B, D, E vitamins. Sea cucumber contains a lot of mineral nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, silicon, organic calcium content of which is natural calcium food.


The medicinal value of red ginseng is very high. The national research group, which was established by Professor Zhao Qin, Wang Jingfeng, Xue Yong, Wang Yigao, Gao Min, Lei Min and Xue Changhu, is the main active component of three kinds of sea cucumbers and the immunoregulatory effect The results of the study published in the National Aquatic Science Journal "Chinese Aquatic Sciences" 2008 the first period).


By the United States, Canada, expert analysis: red ginseng is rare medicine homologous high protein, low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol health food. Rich in more than 50 kinds of balanced natural nutrients, 18 kinds of amino acids (8 of which the human body can not synthesize their own essential amino acids), rich in vitamins and minerals (human body is an important constant element and almost all essential trace elements ). The protein content of 36.2%, cucumber polysaccharides and other active substances accounted for about 15%, fat content is only 0.06% or so, the basic cholesterol-free, per hundred grams of red ginseng contains only 0.02 mg of cholesterol. Therefore, the red ginseng is the sea cucumber in the health and nutrition Need.

  • High protein Low cholesterol Low fat
  • High protein: sea cucumber protein content accounted for 20.3%.
  • Low cholesterol: cholesterol per hectare of sea cucumber is only 0.02 mg.
  • Low fat: fat composition accounted for 0.06% sea cucumber contains a variety of minerals and active ingredients.









3. Efficacy

The main active components of Isostichopus badionotus, Isostichopus fuscus and polar red sea cucumber in the United States were analyzed and compared by chemical analysis and immunological methods. Immune function of the regulation. The results showed that the content of saponins in Icelandic red ginseng was the highest among the three kinds of red - ginseng, and the content of mucopolysaccharide in sea cucumber was the highest. The total amino acids, the effective amino acids and the total flavors of amino acids were the highest. All the three sea cucumbers showed significant immunomodulatory effects.


For normal mice, mainly in the promotion of cellular immunity and non-specific immune pathway based. For the immunocompromised mice, the three kinds of sea cucumber can improve the body's humoral immunity, cellular immunity and non-specific immune function. Among them, Icelandic red ginseng in promoting humoral immunity and nonspecific immunity of the role of more prominent, and its content with a higher content of saponins and immune activity of amino acids.


Ocean Viagra (Red Ginseng)

Red ginseng contains zinc, acid mucopolysaccharide, sea cucumber and other active substances, with the role of increased erection, inhibition of ovulation and stimulation of uterine contraction, can improve brain and gonadal nerve conduction, delayed gonadal aging, increase libido Claim. Red Arctium contains the most abundant arginine, known as "arginine monopoly." Arginine is the main component of male sperm cells. Eat red salmon ginseng people not only red face full of gas color is good, and the spirit of the first foot, sexual function decline greatly extended. Edible red ginseng Shen Mi is the continuous consumption by course of treatment, continuous consumption of more than 6 days, the best food every morning fasting.


God of longevity (red ginseng)

Red Ginseng contains more than 50 kinds of natural nutrients. Acid mucopolysaccharide and chondroitin have anti-aging effects, it can significantly reduce the heart tissue lipofuscin and skin hydroxyproline quantity, play the role of anti-aging. Modern medicine proves that polysaccharides in sea cucumber can timely replenish the deficiency of polysaccharides in vivo, quickly repair damaged cells, restore vitality, prolong cell life, enhance organ function, the human body will always be in a healthy state, the probability of disease is greatly reduced, Of the natural life extension. Red Arginine content is very high, is an important raw material for the synthesis of human collagen. In addition, manganese, taurine and so on the human body has a unique anti-aging function. Therefore, the red ginseng is also known as the "longevity of God."


Sub-health nemesis (red ginseng)

Long-term stress in the environment, people most likely to enter the sub-health state, insomnia, fatigue, no appetite, fatigue, palpitations, poor resistance, irritability, recurrent cold or oral ulcers, constipation and other symptoms. Red Ginseng is rich in cucumber saponins, sea cucumber polysaccharides, with anti-fatigue, improve the effectiveness of human immunity. Red ginseng can provide abundant and balanced nutrients to the brain, or directly involved in the composition of bioactive molecules, such as lysine and nerve cells to nutritional nourishing, increase its activity, enhance memory, zinc in brain DNA and RNA synthesis, to maintain the normal concentration of glutamate, the r-amino acid concentration decreased, to improve the brain IQ, memory enhancement, taurine is the central nervous system inhibitory neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, to eliminate brain fatigue, increase memory Ability to have an important effect. Adhere to the food is very red participants to get a full range of body conditioning, out of the sub-health state.


Anti-cancer panacea (red ginseng)

Red ginseng with a strong cytotoxicity and fish poisoning, can inhibit cancer cells, inhibit protein, ribonucleotide synthesis, improve human immunity and anti-cancer bactericidal effect, anti-corrosion ability. Sea cucumber contained selenium, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, with significant anti-cancer effect. Red ginseng on cancer has a significant effect on the growth and metastasis of malignant tumors has a significant inhibitory effect. The drug extracted from the red ginseng has been widely used clinically in liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, bone cancer, lymphoma, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumor and postoperative metastasis and relapse. Benign, malignant tumors such as the treatment of patients. It can increase the ability of animal peritoneal macrophages to engulf chicken erythrocytes, increase the degree of hemagglutination and increase the activity of natural killer cells (NK). Another one of the aspartic acid, trace elements such as copper, on the radiotherapy, chemotherapy and chemical damage repair helpful.


Blood to share (red ginseng)

Red arginine content of the highest arsenic, the body after injury repair effects. Red ginseng contains trace elements iron and other organisms in a few trace elements of vanadium, make the body more fully use of iron elements, the formation of hemoglobin, stimulate the blood mechanism to achieve the effect of blood and Qi. Some people have done a comparative experiment: two similar conditions, age and weight almost the same surgery patients, a daily consumption of a red ginseng patients will be 20 days ahead of another patient full recovery. Therefore, patients after surgery, maternal, fracture trauma patients, blood donors or other excessive blood loss, consumption of red ginseng can nourishing, blood, restore vitality, can significantly shorten the rehabilitation time.


Beauty treasure (Hongjian Participation)

Women keep the secret of youth, in addition to strengthening the external skin and other local maintenance, the more important is the reasonable nutritional supplement, promote the body's functional health, skin and other external conditions to glow. Consumption of red ginseng from dietary nourishing start, to achieve the effect of beauty body. Red Ginseng is rich in arginine, mucopolysaccharide to maintain skin moisture, increase skin elasticity, will have a very magical effect. Important free radical scavenger superoxide dismutase (SOD) and elements of selenium, zinc, copper, etc., can reduce lipid peroxidation rate, effective in preventing skin aging, to achieve cosmetic results. Red Ginseng collagen can keep the skin smooth and elastic, delaying the aging of the body.


Vascular scavenger (red-parameter)

Red ginseng is diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosis and other patients the ideal therapeutic food, it contains cucumber polysaccharide is to prevent atherosclerosis, repair old myocardial infarction the most effective substance. It has the function of cleaning blood vessel, anticoagulant, inhibiting embolization, lowering blood fat and lowering blood viscosity, and has obvious improvement on cerebral thrombosis, recovery period of myocardial infarction and ischemic heart disease. Cucumber polysaccharide also has the function of regulating blood lipids, that is, lower serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels, with lower blood pressure, blood fat, improve the body's immune system, prevention of hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Cucumber polysaccharide is also a number of geriatric diseases such as diabetes, prostate and other nemesis, eat red pole can effectively improve blood sugar, urine sugar situation.


4. Machining options

Immediate fishing processing methods to ensure timely processing of fishing quality Every morning, fishing vessels to sea cucumber sea fishing gathered in Iceland waters for fishing operations; sea cucumber on board after being placed in large plastic insulation barrels, transported to the coast of the production and processing plants, To open the intestine, to the internal organs, clean and cook for 40 minutes, and then cleaned directly after drying.


5. Bubble method

Into the ice water (the best for the domestic mineral water) 2 days a night, half-way changing the water. And then put a good red hair into the cold water in the boil, turn on the water after a small fire 90 minutes, then get the ice blister hair 24 hours, you can use, such as a bubble hair a lot, you can store a refrigerator fresh layer Week (changing the water every day) or frozen in the refrigerator to the ice, the next need to eat, you can naturally thaw.






6. Cooking methods

Icelandic sea cucumber stem retains the natural original nutrients, without any chemical additives, there is no salting process of the destruction of nutrients. After the water can be directly cooking diet, taste good strength, onion burning, Pa, mixed system of cold dishes. Sliced soy sauce can also be. The best breakfast 20-30 grams of food to take health care.



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Welcome to Nature Herbal Tea.

We are Manufacturers and Distributors for fast moving consumer products like Dieters Tea, Bird nest, Noni Juice, Olive Leaf Extract etc. for many years.

We are consumer oriented company. We can deliver our products in small and large quantities depending on their current needs. We can deliver all products throughout the entire World.

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